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About Us

Harry and Beatrice are a creative and production company.  In short, we make great work with nice people.

We were set up by Edward Harry Webster and Hannah Beatrice White to bring together all of the good things we learned from years of working in the UK's best agencies and production companies.

We work alongside ad agencies and directly with Clients as their creative production company, handling every part of the shoot/production process. 

From casting, locations and set building, through to the shoot itself and all post production, we tailor each of our productions to our Clients creative brief and budget.  Our black book is packed with the most Talented Crew in the industry, from emerging Talent to Oscar Winners, while  our productions range in size from a table top still life shoot to shooting with a cast and crew of hundreds.

We have great relationships within the photographic community and regularly commission the  best Photographers in the world as well as nurturing and breaking new Talent.   In addition to shooting in the UK, we have produced shoots all over the world including Thailand, Monte Carlo, Spain, South America, the USA, Australia, Borneo, India, Morocco, South Africa and Wakefield.

As well as our work as a production company, we also love working directly with Clients, fulfilling all of the functions of a creative agency.   With no overheads and a huge amount of experience producing work in house, we do it at a fraction of the cost. A typical project will see us present several creative concepts to our Client, based on their brief.  Once we have an approved route we bring it to life, directing all aspects of the project through production, design and delivery.

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